Welsh Revenue Authority weeknotes

📝 Weeknotes #4 - land and property data proof of concept

Thanks for joining our show and tell earlier for the land and property data proof of concept.

This week was a consolidation sprint, so in place of weeknotes, we’ve attached the slides. Normal service will be resumed next week.

For anyone who who is new to the project this week, please let us know if you would like us to forward previous weeknotes to you.

Finally, here are the links to …

… the Data landscape: https://github.com/welsh-revenue-authority/data-landscape/blob/main/README.md

… and the team website: https://welsh-revenue-authority.github.io/property-data-poc/en/ and https://welsh-revenue-authority.github.io/property-data-poc/cy/

All the best,

The land and property data proof of concept team

Download the slides (PDF)