Welsh Revenue Authority weeknotes

📝 Weeknotes #9 - land and property data proof of concept

Hello and welcome to the end of week 9 of the land and property data proof of concept and thanks to those of you who joined our show and tell on Monday.

A reminder that we are exploring how the WRA can support geographically varied land and property taxes and if a data platform for land and property in Wales could also be the foundation for something more. We want to:

🧱 Iterating the prototype platform

We iterated the platform API to add a few more end-points. They are not finished yet, but all helps to build a picture of how a platform might operate.

A screenshot of a Swagger API with end-points: api, LTT_tax, sold_price, property_info, property_tax_band, tax_zone

🥼 User research with internal users

We did a round of user research with two types of potential user of the platform - service delivery teams and data analysts. We heard about the importance of ease of use and data quality. We know that we need to do some more work on the proposition so that it is clear what the platform might do and what it might not.

🏕Tourism workshops

We held a workshop with policy teams working on tourism related policies to understand how land and property data might support their work.

🗓 Focus for next week

Each week, we set out what we want to learn or do, and what hypotheses we think we need to test. This week, we are hoping to …

📑 Things we found along the way on this sprint…