Welsh Revenue Authority weeknotes

📝 Weeknotes #3 - land and property data proof of concept

Hi all,

Thanks for joining our show and tell earlier, and welcome to the third weeknotes for the land and property data proof of concept. In future, we are hoping to share these more widely, but for now it’s just for the people who came to the show and tell.

A reminder that we are exploring how the WRA can support geographically varied land and property taxes and if a data platform for land and property in Wales could also be the foundation for something more. We want to:

🗺 The data landscape

We’ve been mapping out existing identifiers and datasets for land and property in Wales. We hope this will be a useful artefact to engage with other organisations about where the gaps are and how they use land and property data:

Screenshot of the data landscape website

🎚 Worked examples - adding UPRN and INSPIRE to the spine

Each week we are aiming to build out a prototype of the data platform so we can understand what we might need to calculate localised LTT and potentially other services too.

This week, we added the geographical boundaries of a property, in the form of Land Registry’s INSPIRE polygons:

Map with an outline of a property and a popup showing the fields in the spine - address, second-home, use-type, owner-type, sale-value, uprn, epc-rating

We didn’t quite get on to using those in a calculation, but hope to return to that next week.

📊 Analysing LTT transactions

We looked at the breakdown of LTT payments to understand the common cases:

A graph showing the long tail of types of LTT transaction. The bulk are residential at the lower rate

🗞 Blog post and team website

We have published our team website for the project and the first blog post:

🗓 Focus for next week

📑 Things we found along the way this sprint