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Over the course of the last 10 weeks we have been creating prototypes to help us explore the user needs and the technical feasibility of a land and property tax platform.

We have used prototypes to test the platform we are creating, the test assunmptions we’ve made about the problem space the platform will exist in and to demonstrate what could be possible if a land and property tax platform existed for Wales.

Prototype 1: Find your local authority

Prototype 2: Provide a location journey

Prototype 3: Explore land and property data

Prototype 4: Search land and property data by area

Prototype 5: Tell me about a location

Prototype 6: LTT statistics by postcode

Prototype 7: Ways to construct areas

Useful resources

Protoype kit - The code for all the prototypes.

WRA frontend - A package of reusable frontend code.

Land and property platform - The code for the proof-of-concept platform